Teen Wolf 3x20 Echo House Sneak Peek #1 (1080p HD)

For the morning crowd!! 

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Which episode it it???????

Which episode it it???????

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OMG! The STEREK feels!!!! :’)

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I just had to do it! xD

OMG! I hope my sweet little Stiles won’t be the one to die!!!

I know one of the charactes will die and it probably will be one these two, so I really hope Allison will be the one to die. It’s not like I hate her or anything but if I have to choose between Stiles and Allison I will surely choose Stiles!

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teen wolf au in which andrew garfield plays a distant relative of chris and allison and comes to find the more liberal members of the argent family after recieving the bite. and maybe he’s a love interest for scott or lydia or isaac or someone.

wow i just realized i’d pay a lot of money to see Andrew Garfield and Dylan O’Brien kiss

"Save me just in time.."


A Stiles Stilinski tribute.

Used: Teen Wolf season 3 episode 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 

Song: Hero by Skillet

I own nothing. Everything belongs to their rightful owners.

Btw.. I made it! xD

"Save me just in time.."

[SPOILER ALERT] Stiles kills the Demons [S03E17]

The demons look for Stiles to see if he’s possessed by the Nogitsune (evil Kitsune), or in other name Void, and find out he is indeed possessed. 
Stiles, controlled by the Nogitsune kills the demons (at least one, probably the other 2 too but that part is not shown), and as we can see, in the end, can’t even remember he did it.
What is interesting too, is that Kira is a Kitsune too, and Stiles is suffering from the same things his mother, Claudia Stilinski did before she died.
What I’m scared of, is that in the end the demons or someone else will kill Stiles. If that EVER happen I will never watch Teen Wolf, like ever again!

What would you do…

If you didn’t knew anymore..

Who you were?

In episode 16 we found out that Stiles was the one who wrote the numbers for Barrow!

But the question is, why?

I think that Stiles might be controlled by the Nementon, because we all know that Allison and Scott saw their fears, Scott got over it, looks like Allison did too, but what about Stiles?

He only dreamed about the Nementon and had trouble reading, is he afraid of the Nementon or what is going on?

I think he might has a connection with not only the Nementon but the “demons” too, since he was the only one not attacked by the demons.

And as we saw it in the trailer later he will be kidnapped too.

About Kira, I think she is the Kitsune, or even the shewolf. You all remember when Derek and Peter were kidnapped the huntress wanted to know about the shewolf, I think it might be Kira.

Well, that’s my theory. :D

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